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We connect engaged readers to local businesses and brands through WPB Magazine's print, mobile, digital, social platforms, and live events. We offer unparalleled advertising and sponsorship opportunities for those looking to reach high-quality, loyal consumers in West Palm Beach and beyond.


WPB Magazine is the source for the latest happenings in West Palm Beach on art, entertainment news, business reviews, opinion, real estate, culture, fashion, dining, and much more. WPB Magazine publishes stories on a daily basis on its website and an exclusive print edition every quarter that can also be read online for free or through the App Store.
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Do you have some info you think is vital to the public understanding your company or business? Working for a client who has information to share with WPB Magazine's audience?

Send us your press releases to the attention of Arlene Scott at this email:

Please note that not all submissions might be accepted for a variety of reasons. Due to the high volume of our operations, some press releases might end up ignored. If you do not hear from us, please try to send the press release again. (Tip for success: keep everything Palm Beach County.)


This is our weekly video series seen by thousands each week on our webs and on a local TV channel. It's a unique opportunity to brand your business through viral content.




Call (561) 856-6075 to talk about this advertising opportunity or download the media kit here.

Watch the latest episode of our weekly "Five Six One" series:


1What is the circulation of WPB Magazine
You can find circulation, distribution, readership, and other demographic information for WPB Magazine in the current media kit, last produced on July 1st, 2019. The media kit also offers information about rates for our different tools to help advertisers reach our audience in the Greater West Palm Beach.
2Do you offer combo packages (Print & Digital) for advertising?
Yes. This is one of the advantages of partnering with WPB Magazine for your advertising goals. When you download the current media kit you will have access to rates card for our different tools to help advertisers reach our audience in the Greater West Palm Beach.
3How can I list a business in WPBNOW, the Guide to the City?
You can add a listing if you have a business, event, or specific service within the city of West Palm Beach limits and under these categories: "Events", "Festivals", "Food & Dining", "Attractions or Tours", "Nightlife."

Please note that listing in WPBNOW! is for the purpose of advertising a specific business or service, thus we use this information to promote that specific business or service through our marketing tools and social networks. This is the reason why listing in WPBNOW! is not free. We advise you to read our section here for WPBNOW! for more information on listing rates.

If you have a business or service in West Palm Beach, listing in WPBNOW! is highly recommended as a first step!
4Can I create content for WPB Magazine and branches?
WPB Magazine employs its own professional writers. All content is created by our staff writers. WPB Magazine and branches can boost your brand when you partner with us. We can tell stories regarding your business or service in a way our readers will engage with to your expectations and benefits.

Our content creation includes articles, photos, videos, and stories on social media.

Call (561) 366-2691 to talk to our staff or email us using the contact form in this website for more info on this feature.
5Are there long contracts to advertise with WPB Magazine? Are there discounts?
WPB Magazine offers flexibly to advertise in the print edition of the magazine. You can advertise just one time or choose the frequency with which you want to insert display ads in the magazine.

Discounts for print advertising are offered depending on the number of insertions.

Digital advertising is suggested on a quarterly basis, though you can choose how long and how many impressions you want to purchase. But when you advertise on a quarterly basis, you rip the best R.O.I.
6How can I include content for the weekly newsletters?
This feature is only available for current advertisers of WPB Magazine or businesses/services listed in WPBNOW!

Call (561) 366-2691 to talk to our staff or email us using the contact form in this website for more info on this feature.


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